Tuesday, December 13: Squid and chips the new reality in Britain

Squid replacing cod | McConnell supports investigation into Russian hacking | Tillerson is the pick for secretary of state | Rick Perry for energy secretary | Trump tweets out plans for his business | Electors want intelligence briefings about Russia | Hillary campaign supports that | Recount efforts fizzle out | Former congressman gets 10 years for corruption | Fiorina for director of national intelligence? | Obama picks new office location | Lockheed Martin stock tumbles after Trump’s critical tweet | Romney never had a chance at secretary of state? | Syrian army nears victory in eastern Aleppo | Turkey arrests 118 suspected of working with Kurdish militants | Guterres sworn in as new UN secretary general | Dylann Roof had a list of churches | Group of billionaires investing in sustainable energy | No longer two CEOs at Chipotle | Golden Globes nominations | Live video on Instagram | 360-degree live video on Facebook | Skype’s real-time translation will work on any sort of call | ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ at the top of the Billboard 200 | ‘Moana’ wins the box office for third straight weekend | Jeff Fisher fired in fifth season | John Fassel the interim coach | MLB prohibits cross-dressing hazing | Dodgers keep Kenley Jansen | Sprain, not a tear for Tannehill | DUI for Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd | Lane Kiffin will coach Florida Atlantic | Kim Kardashian comes out of hiding with video