Tuesday, November 15: This year ‘very likely’ to be the hottest on record

This year is a hot one | SEC chairwoman will step down | Gwen Ifill dead at 61 | Increased crime rate against Muslims | Trump-Putin phone call | Obama’s last trip abroad | Obama talks Trump presidency | Obama says Trump is down with NATO | Mnuchin recommended for Treasury secretary | Giuliani for secretary of state? | Outrage over Bannon hiring | Hillary wins New Hampshire | Ellison running for DNC chair | Sit-in at Chuck Schumer’s office | Senator’s night driving for Uber | RBG in the opera | Biden memes | Assange gets questioned for rape | ICC says US tortured detainees in Afghanistan | Divorces galore in Italy | Georgia man who left kid in car guilty of murder | Millions of accounts exposed in hookup network hack | Google cracking down on fake news | Facebook too | American Apparel files for second bankruptcy, will be sold | Chili’s wrongly takes away free Veterans Day meal | Judge orders release of Brendan Dassey | Seager and Fulmer are Rookies of the Year | Bears’ top receiver suspended for PEDs | Gronk might have a punctured lung | Michigan’s QB injured | Columbia wrestling team suspended over texts | ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ is filming | Biggie and Tupac true crime series | Sriracha Big Mac