Monday, November 14: The closest moon since 1948

Closest full moon in 68 years | Trump may amend, not repeal Obamacare | Trump says undocumented immigrants with criminal pasts will be deported | Trump plans to forego salary | Mike Pence will head up transition | Christie is in Trump’s doghouse | Steve Bannon will be chief strategist | Reince Priebus named chief of staff | Ingraham as press secretary? | Lewandowski shuffles away from CNN, back to Trumpland | Hillary’s popular vote lead grows | Hillary blames Comey’s letter for loss | Paris’s Bataclan reopens | Pakistan shrine attacked by ISIS | Four Americans killed in Afghanistan attack | New Colombian peace deal | John Kerry in Antarctica | No more unlimited free charges for new Teslas | Facebook thought you died | Facebook getting rid of racial ad targeting | Black Penn students included in hateful group text | Trump comes after the NYT | NYT columnist fights off thief | Earthquake rocks New Zealand | Weatherman creates fire for views | Three top-four college football teams lose | College basketball gets started | Dak beats Pittsburgh, will start over Romo | McGregor defends belt | Gravity in post-election SNL | Album, SNL performance for ATCQ this weekend | IMDB suing California over age display law | Bruce gets some help from bikers