Friday, October 7: Statue of Liberty is getting a museum

Statue of Liberty museum | Southeast prepares for Hurricane Matthew | State of emergency declarations | More than 300 dead in Haiti | Unemployment numbers down | Soldiers charged with stealing, trying to sell equipment | Afghan trainees in America went AWOL | Guterres formally nominated to be UN secretary-general | Pakistan legislates against honor killings | Debate on Sunday | Paul Ryan will campaign with Trump | Pence says Trump has backed off Muslim immigration ban | Trump is endorsement-less from major newspapers | Giuliani’s daughter supports Hillary | Ted Cruz working the phone banks | Hillary aimed to advertise on the Weather Channel | McMullin picks a running mate | American researcher killed by protesters in Ethiopia | UN’s Syria envoy warns of a destroyed Aleppo | ISIS strikes near the Turkish border | Bombing in Istanbul | CEO arrested for child sex trafficking | Theranos reducing its operation | NY Archdiocese offering compensation to abuse victims | Blue Jays take Game 1 | Indians too | Hurricane forces college football schedule shuffling | Pacers looking into wait time boards at arena | Hair plug treatment caused a paralyzed vocal cord for Buck | Derrick Rose in court as accuser testifies | Prince’s estate open for tours | Jay-Z producing a documentary series | Snap Inc. IPO coming | Rolling Stones announce album | Lady Gaga releases song