Thursday, September 29: Alec Baldwin will play Trump on SNL

Baldwin will be SNL’s Trump | Congress passes funding bill | Congress overrides Obama veto on 9/11 lawsuits | US will send 600 troops to Iraq | OPEC agrees to curb oil production | Major Aleppo hospitals bombed | John Kerry questions cooperation with Russia in Syria | South Carolina school shooting | El Cajon police shooting under investigation | Bernie campaigns with Hillary | Michelle slams Trump | Staffers displeased with Trump’s debate prep | Eric Trump applauds his dad not citing Lewinsky | Machado a murder accomplice? | Another Gary Johnson mishap | Voting selfies allowed in New Hampshire | Pepe the Frog declared a hate symbol | A book from Trayvon’s parents | North Korean soldier defects to South Korea | Typhoon Megi devastates China | Russia unhappy with MH17 investigation conclusions | Hillary endorsement causes Arizona Republic unsubscribes | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review will cease print publishing | Lin-Manuel Miranda will host SNL | Live action ‘Lion King’ | Old people version of ‘Little Big Shots’ | ‘NCIS’ showrunner dead at 50 | Spotify interested in buying SoundCloud | Twitter letting users create Moments | No more hardware from Blackberry | California punishes Wells Fargo | Mercury is geologically active | Pride flag sent into the stratosphere | Red Sox clinch the division | Dez Bryant will try to play through hairline fracture | Tebow goes yard in first at-bat | Jaso hits for the cycle