Wednesday, September 7: ‘One Dance’ is Song of the Summer

Drake wins the summer | Cosby court date set | Fox News settles with Gretchen Carlson | Greta Van Susteren leaves Fox News | Zika funding blocked by the Senate | House passes sexual assault measures | Trump ahead in CNN poll | Dallas Morning News is against Trump | Outgoing DC police chief bemoans criminal justice system | Obama in Laos | Former El Salvador prez gets asylum in Nicaragua | British lawmaker resigns in scandal | Tough day for British Airways | Protest on London runway causes delays | First recipient of face transplant dies young | ITT Tech is done | Minnesota killer confesses, escapes murder charge | Man chases clown with machete | Brock Turner registers as a sex offender | Instagram ditching the photo map | Apple ready to reveal the latest gizmos | Swift and Hiddleston are over | Simone Biles has a memoir coming out | Green Day going on tour for new album | ‘Jersey Boys’ ending | Beyoncé needs vocal rest | Anxiety forces Zayn to cancel show | Ezekiel Elliott won’t be charged | Texas reaches the Top 25 after a long hiatus | Top recruit picks Arizona | Kaepernick leading NFL jersey sales | Strahan starts on GMA | Starbucks will offer stevia sweetener | Free tampons at Brown | Ex-girlfriend sets fire to wrong car