Thursday, April 7: The Masters starts today

Golf’s first major begins today | Judge rules against Kesha | UVA student must speak in Rolling Stone case | Armenia and Azerbaijan truce | Hijacker being extradited to Egypt | New PM in Iceland | Swiss police looking into new FIFA president | EU looking to tweak asylum system | Committee recommends impeachment vote in Brazil | Alarming increase in worldwide executions | Arsenic in the water in Bangladesh | White House moving Ebola money to fight Zika | Republican senators meet with Garland | Rare interview for Obama on Fox News | Fake university created to con fraudsters | Fed not expected to raise rates in April | Former energy CEO sentenced to prison for WV mine disaster | New tax inversion policy foils Pfizer-Allergan merger | NYC public schools getting sued over bullying and violence | Ivy League acceptance jackpot | Principal of the year gets a DUI | Merle Haggard dead at 79 | Lena Dunham’s next endeavor | Facebook wants you to use live video | Reddit fighting harassment | China doesn’t want people searching for Panama Papers info | Storybook start to career | Miserable start for Padres | 76ers GM resigns | Employees who let kid hug Carmelo get fired | Jerry Sloan battling illness | Janet Jackson cancels tour because of the itch to start a family | LAPD after Charlie Sheen | Beyonce not OK with Feyonce | Teaser for Star Wars spinoff movie

CORRECTION: Dilma Rousseff is the president and not the prime minister of Brazil.