Wednesday, April 6: World’s biggest Starbucks coming to Manhattan

World’s biggest Starbucks in NYC | Bernie takes Wisconsin | Ted Cruz wins | Cruz tightens gap in national poll | Trump divulges plan to make Mexico pay for wall | The Good Book will be the official book in Tennessee | Legislators looking to impeach Alabama governor | Mississippi governor OKs controversial bill | PayPal deciding against NC investment after anti-LGBT law | WhatsApp encrypting all transmissions | UConn completes undefeated season | Iceland PM resigns following Panama Papers release | Rebels shoot down Syrian plane | Israel unhappy with soldiers hoarding equipment | Porsche not at fault for Paul Walker crash | Gawker seeking new ruling against Hulk Hogan | LA gas leak could mean summer blackouts | Historic family leave policy in SF | Ford plant in Mexico | Twitter lands NFL streaming deal | New DM button on Twitter | Facebook photo captions for the blind | Starz getting into the streaming game | American Idol’s final days | Drake puts out two new songs | Chance the Rapper mixtape coming soon | Outside Lands lineup | Amy Schumer displeased with plus-size treatment in Glamour | Rob Kardashian engaged to Blac Chyna | Zayn atop the charts | Warriors take ninth loss | Goodell indicates playoffs will be expanded | Louganis on Wheaties boxes | NCAA title game ratings plunge | Pakistan city overrun by mutant rats | Gun that folds to look like an iPhone | Auction for J.K. Rowling chair