Tuesday, April 5: Villanova wins the title on a buzzer-beater

Villanova wins the National Championship | Fallout from the Panama Papers: investigations | World leaders deny misdeeds | Supreme Court rules against revised voting district regulations | BP’s settlement from oil spill: $20 billion | Migrants sent back to Turkey as EU deal takes effect | Bernie and Hillary agree to Brooklyn debate | Cruz warns of revolt if there’s an alternative nominee | Princeton board votes to keep Woodrow Wilson | Duke protest | Newark Airport evacuations | Five killed in helicopter crash | NY passes bill to up minimum wage | Philly mayor wants a high soda tax | Two more transferred from Guantanamo | Fed sets new tax measures | Chase maxing non-Chase customer ATM withdrawals at $1,000 | Tesla stock soars | Alaska Air will pay $2.6 billion for Virgin | Virgin tops US airline rankings | Disney’s COO leaves | Kesha said she was asked to lie to get freedom from Dr. Luke | Facebook won’t stream the NFL | Yahoo will stream MLB | Google removes Taliban app | New Rolling Stones album on the way | More Beatles songs available | Backstreet Boys back at it | Porn star found dead at 31 | Admiral Ackbar voice dies at 93 | Employee found dead in haunted house at Disneyland Paris | Arcidiacono wins Most Outstanding Player | Brandon Ingram declares for the draft | Mike Conley likely out for the year | Basketball Hall of Fame class | Bryce Drew headed to Vanderbilt | Conte is Chelsea’s new coach