Friday, April 1: Chipotle burger chain in the works

Chipotle developing ‘Better Burger’ | New Tesla unveiled | Virginia officer killed at Greyhound station | California senate votes for minimum wage increase | USWNT members suing over unequal pay | Abdeslam will be extradited to France | US strikes ISIS | Bridge collapse in India kills at least 23 | Bombing in Turkey kills seven policemen | US and China will work to stop North Korea’s nuclear program | North Korea sends missile into the water | US will station troops along Russian border | Trump goes to DC to meet with RNC | Polling has Trump and Hillary up big in NY | Christie presents defense of M&M policy | Obesity on the rise worldwide | Amnesty International decries World Cup construction in Qatar | Italian nurse accused of killing 13 | First successful HIV-positive liver transplant | Architect Zaha Hadid dies at 65 | Comedian Ronnie Corbett dead at 85 | Withdrawal leaves Starwood purchase to Marriott | GE doesn’t want to be too big to fail | New Coke bottle marketing | Amazon offering many more Dash Buttons | iOS update released | Walking through Thailand for Google Street View | GW wins the NIT | Valentine wins POY, Self gets COY | NCAA misinformed South Carolina | Expensive Sandoval will ride the pine | Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson a thing | Beyonce’s new clothing line | Scooter Braun will manage Kanye | MythBusters hosting competition | Kevin Hart getting two shows on Comedy Central | Chef (Ayesha) Curry on Food Network | No April fooling around in China