Thursday, March 24: Shakespeare’s skull thought to be stolen

Documentary says that Shakespeare’s skull was stolen from his grave | Brussels attacker had been deported by Turkey | One bomber identified as being involved in Paris attacks | UK says it’s prevented 7 ISIS attacks | Pentagon official says that released Gitmo prisoners have killed Americans | North Carolina passes anti-trans law | Disney threatens to not film in Georgia | Supreme Court split over contraceptive medical coverage | Israeli firm helping the FBI | Phife Dawg dead at 45 | Hall of Fame broadcaster dies at 90 | Obama praises Argentina’s prez | Jeb endorses Cruz | Ceasefire agreement in Yemen | Coal mine disaster in China | NFL’s new ejection and touchback rules | A-Rod has two more seasons | Rams on Hard Knocks | Rams in China | Rays’ airplane woes | Sager clears the air about 3-6 months confusion | Russdiculous drops 65 to set the D-League scoring record | Lollapalooza lineup out | New Bridget Jones movie | John Legend co-producing an off-Broadway show | Bieber done with meet and greets | PSLs with your Keurig | Seattle tree man | Virtual reality porn | Dirty-talking audio from Alabama governor leaked | Flint task force findings | Investigation over voting waits in Arizona | Colorado blizzard | Flight attendant that tried to sneak cocaine caught in NY