Thursday, March 17: Denmark is the world’s happiest country

World’s happiest country rankings | Merrick Garland nominated for SC | Republicans say he won’t be considered | Obama throws more sanctions at North Korea | Uber mass shooter sues Uber | Jared beat up in prison | Skyscraper in Malaysia | Money heisted from Bangladesh’s Fed account | FIFA admits to bribes | Paris terrorist plot foiled | Boko Haram attack at a Nigerian mosque | Pakistan bus bombing | Military personnel disciplined for Doctors Without Borders strike | North Carolina police demoted for ignoring violence at Trump rally | Interest rates stay put | Major financial services merger | Agreement made to make automatic emergency brakes standard | Chicago raises the smoking age | Next week’s GOP debate canceled | Trump foresees riots if he gets passed over | Florida governor endorses Trump | Steps taken to increase diversity at the Oscars | Revealing book coming from Scientology leader’s father | Frank Sinatra Jr. dead at 72 | Obama picks the Jayhawks | Patriots get Martellus Bennett | Browns cut Dansby and Bowe | Laroche retires over son’s clubhouse presence | Homophobia forced Cardinals minor leaguer to quit | Cal coach fired over harassment | Holy Cross and Michigan advanceLet the games begin | Public transportation ferries in NYC | Shake Shack in LA | The Cherry Blossom Frappucino | Homeless man gets $100,000 police reward | Pope getting an Instagram | Virtual reality PlayStation | Shia Labeouf engaged

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CORRECTION: The name of the Kalamazoo mass shooter is Jason Dalton, not Jason Hanson.