Wednesday, March 16: Wicked is the fastest musical to $1 billion

Wicked has earned $1 billion on Broadway since 2003 | Hillary sweeps five states | Trump wins all but Ohio | Rubio throws in the towel | Politico reporter shunned by Trump campaign | Ben Carson said job promise led to Trump endorsement | Chicago Attorney voted out | Paris suspects targeted in Brussels raid | Car bomb in Germany | ‘Fappening’ perpetrator pleads guilty | Mateen Cleaves charged for sexual assault | DC metro shut down today | Flooding causes major highway to close | Supreme Court nomination expected to come today | Obama decides against Atlantic drilling | Tourist restrictions with Cuba lifted | UberEATS launches in some cities | Uber tab on Google Maps | Smart basketball | Instagram tries switching up feed order | Valeant has had better days | WHO says pollution causing a quarter of global deaths | Mexico City pollution alert | Pope says Mother Teresa will be a saint | American sentenced to 15 years in North Korea | Brazil’s ex-president lands cabinet job while being prosecuted | Deadly Ecuadorian military plane crash | CDC wants doctors to stop overprescribing painkillers | Kendrick album tops the charts | New Indiana Jones movie in the works | Mariah Carey reality series | Christina Aguilera game show | Asians in Hollywood protest Oscars jokes | Sony buys MJ’s music | NYT will have fewer anonymous-sourced stories | Goodell may be losing discipline powers | Cardinals trade for Chandler Jones | Patriots grab Chris Long | Pats player wants to play Olympic rugby | Play-in games kick off March Madness

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