Friday, Feb. 19: Miami police boycotting Beyonce’s concert

Miami Police Union votes to boycott Beyonce’s April concert | Pope and Trump clash | Pope acknowledges need for contraception during Zika outbreak | World Bank putting $150 million into Zika | Candidate arrested during Uganda elections | And social media wasn’t allowed | Turkey blames Kurdish group for attack | Kenya claims Al-Shabaab intelligence chief was killed | ISIS not having Twitter success after account bans | Deadly road accident in Ghana | Obama signs on to impose sanctions on North Korea | Obama takes heat for not going to Scalia’s funeral | Apple gets more time to respond to court order | Hillary and Bernie answer questions | As do Trump, Bush and Kasich | Hillary’s lead shrinks 14 points from last month | Bloomberg not polling well | Left economists criticize Bernie’s economic plans | Trials for Freddie Gray police officers delayed | Toyota recalling RAV4s | LA gas leak sealed | Rio water cleanup not happening | McDonald’s tries out chicken between pancakes for breakfast | Delta bringing in top-notch food for first class | Jared Allen retiring | Cavs get Frye, send Varejao to Portland | Grizzlies and Clippers swap swingmen | Spring Training gets going | NFL mock draft | Free group Skyping | Ads on Messenger | Porn industry rejoices | Bestiality remains illegal in Germany | Disney actor charged for domestic battery and meth possession | Religious movies will grace 2016 | Clapton announces new album | Rihanna tour dates postponed | Sony Entertainment president leaving

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