Wednesday, Feb. 17: Last month was Earth’s hottest January on record

Record-breaking January warmth | Judge wants Apple to help FBI break into San Bernardino killer’s phone | Arrested Americans in Bahrain released | Kidnapped Americans in Iraq released | Russia says it’s not responsible for hospital bombings | US jets growl at North Korea | India media mogul charged with murder | Sarkozy getting investigated for campaign finance misdeeds | WHO says mutant mosquitoes could wipe out Zika mosquitoes | China doesn’t want DC plaza named after rebel | Belt-tightening at ISIS | Ghali dead at 93 | Obama speaks about Supreme Court appointment | Scalia conspiracy theories fly | South Dakota senate passes anti-trans school rules | Defiant bill proposed to make men get permission for Viagra use | Direct flights from US to Cuba coming soon | Lincoln Memorial getting renovated | Spitzer caught in another prostitution situation | Trump and Hillary up in South Carolina | Florida teen fakes being a doctor | New York judge caught drinking and driving en route to court | Band playing at Bataclan during attacks returns to Paris | New Wolverine movie will be R-rated | Anti-Beyonce protest a no-show; may have not been real to begin with | Kanye says his album won’t be available outside of Tidal | Fans resort to piracy | Homer Simpson will go live | Venmo usage way up | China not lucrative for Uber | American Airlines suing Gogo for bad Wi-Fi | Pats’ Mayo retiring | Argentinian soccer ref killed after issuing red card | Pistons-Magic trade sends Jennings to Orlando | Courtney Lee to Charlotte in 3-way deal | Kidd-Gilchrist done for the season | Best dog crowned