Friday, Feb. 12: Titanic II setting sail in 2018

Titanic, let’s try this again | Ceasefire agreement in Syria | NATO sending ships to patrol the Aegean | Koreas not getting along | Gravitational waves discovery | Deadly Mexican prison riot | Leopard on the loose in India | Bernie and Hillary duel in Wisconsin | Bernie is Intrepid | George W. hitting the trail for Jeb | Ted Cruz pulls ad because of raunchy actress | Conviction in Akai Gurley police killing | Charleston shooter will plead guilty if spared death penalty | Trial underway for Auschwitz guard | Drug trafficking Georgia correctional officers | Cleveland says never mind to billing Tamir Rice’s family | Remaining Oregon militants pack it up | Cliven Bundy arrested because of 2014 standoff | El Chapo coming to BK? | Airplane seat activist voted down | Time Inc. owns Myspace | Bank stocks fall, markets tumble | Bruce writing an autobiography | New Simmons hires for HBO show | Master of None gets a second season | Kanye debuts album, new fashion | Uber has to pay up in class-action suit | Pandora looking to sell | View counts coming to Instagram videos | Google Street View adding national parks | British production company charged over Han Solo’s broken leg | No. 4 Iowa loses to Indiana | Ads on NBA uniforms? | Notre Dame WR named student body president