Monday, Feb. 8: Bad Wi-Fi at the White House

Bad White House Wi-Fi | Denver wins the Super Bowl | Von Miller gets MVP | Manning retiring? | North Korea launches rocket, UN not pleased | Deadly earthquake in Taiwan | Deadly avalanche in Austria | UN ruling supports Assange | President of Haiti steps down | 3,100 Zika cases in pregnant Colombian women | Notorious gangster killed in Ireland shooting | Mardi Gra shooting | Norway taking guns from police | NY Uber drivers want higher fares | Twitter shut down ISIS accounts | Twitter users not enthused about looming timeline change | Ability to toggle Instagram accounts available for some | Hiring down, but unemployment at its lowest in 8 years | Chipotle closed today for a few hours | Beast Mode signals that he’s retiring | Top two in college hoops lose | Louisville bans itself from postseason play | Police are investigating Manziel case | Football Hall of Fame class announced | Rubio takes heat at debate | Bernie on SNL | Controversial comments from Hillary supporters | Apollo 14 astronaut dead at 85 | Italian actor hanged accidentally during production | Beyonce tour announced | Formation video released | Gaffigan the new colonel | Star Wars makes it to $2 billion

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