Wednesday, Feb 3: Uber gets a new logo

Uber’s rebranding | Sexually transmitted Zika in Dallas | Cosby wants charges from 2005 incident dropped | Accuser in civil suit drops case | Hillary scrapes by with win in Iowa | Thanks in large part to coin flips | Bernie not ready to concede Iowa | Cruz apologizes for campaign deceiving voters about Carson | Big night for cable news | Details from California prison break | Teenage girl was stabbed in Va. Tech murder | North Korea’s plans to launch | Hole blown through airborne plane in Somalia | Report says that Manning told friend he’s retiring | Browns washing their hands of Manziel | Golden State could be a favorite to sign Durant | Mercer player killed | First US Olympian to compete in a hijab | Groundhog’s forecast | Winslet says Jack could have survived in Titanic | Journalistic malfeasance at The Intercept | Brazil wants Neymar for tax evasion | Date set for Apple’s next reveal | Amazon opening actual bookstores | Yahoo job-cutting announcement | Big fall for Dow Jones | Pentagon ramping up spending | Airstrikes gun down 29 ISIS fighters | Military officials want women to be draft eligible | NYC cop ran a prostitution ring | Broncos player sent home for prostitution involvement | Film lineup out for SXSW | The People vs. OJ premieres | Drake’s Hotline Bling Super Bowl ad | Cindy Crawford not retiring | McCarthy said she wasn’t invited to Gilmore Girls revival | Gaga gets Super Bowl anthem | Corden hosting the Tonys

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