Monday, Feb. 1: Big weekend for Kung Fu Panda 3

Good weekend for Kung Fu Panda 3 | Trump leads Iowa Republican poll heading into caucus day | Hillary leads Democrats | NYT endorses Hillary | And Kasich | More Democratic debates | Turkey and Russia bicker about airspace | Merkel says refugees should return after Syrian civil war | Swedes attack migrants | Migrants drown in Aegean sea | ISIS attacks in Syria | Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria | Post-ebola relief not given as promised | Serena upset in Aussie finals | Djokovic gets his 11th major | AHLer wins NHL All-Star Game MVP | Russell Wilson wins Pro Bowl MVP | Ole Miss hit with violations | Megatron retiring | John Terry done with Chelsea after this year | Chargers stay in SD next season | Manziel gets police visit after incident with his girlfriend | Baylor ignored sexual assault complaints | Escaped prisoners captured | Va. Tech students charged with killing teenage girl | One dead after biker brawl | Facebook banning private gun sales | Cuban homes getting high-speed internet | Obama wants coders to start young | MIT team wins Hyperloop contest | Louis CK releases web series | Two Jefferson Airplane deaths on same day | McCarthy and Kanye on SNL in two weeks | NickToons movie bringing back old favorites | Gilmore Girls making a comeback