Monday, December 19: Farewell

China seizes American naval drone | FBI agrees with CIA conclusions about Russian hacking | Obama warns Russia | Hillary says Putin has ‘personal beef’ | Senators calling for cybercrime committee | Podesta rips FBI | NC governor signs bill to limit successor’s power | Election day for 538 electors | Majority of Republicans believe Trump won popular vote | Washington Post’s Trump tweet fact-checking tool | Hardliner named ambassador to Israel | Mulvaney will head budget office | ISIS attack in Yemen | Attack on castle in Jordan | Anne Frank may not have been done in by betrayal | Drinking water scare in Texas city | Cheaper EpiPens | Head of Florida tourist agency fired over Pitbull contract | Zsa Zsa Gabor dead at 99 | Dr. Heimlich dead at 96 | Wheelchair info on Google Maps | Uber not following California’s orders on self-driving car program | One-antlered NYC deer dies | Minnesota football team ends boycott | MLS expansion | Hopkins beaten out of the ring in final match | Jaguars coach fired | Brock Osweiler benched | Princeton swim team suspended | Rockets set single-game 3-point record | Durst says drug use influenced confession | Blac Chyna leaves Rob K. | Marc Anthony divorcing | Homeland trailer out | Big weekend for ‘Rogue One’

Friday, December 16: Spider species named for ‘Harry Potter’ sorting hat

Spider species named Eriovixia gryffindori | Facebook announces measures to fight fake news | Three-parent fertilization approved in the UK | Dylann Roof convicted on all charges | Milwaukee cop charged in fatal shooting | Craig Sager dead at 65 | USA Gymnastics ignored sexual abuse of 368 athletes | Ceasefire holding as Aleppo evacuates | Evidence of explosives found in EgyptAir crash | Obama vows to act against Russia | White House explains why it didn’t take harder stance sooner | Trump fights internet battle with Vanity Fair | Oracle CEO will help Trump transition | Romney declined to make public apology to Trump | North Carolina Republicans try to peel back new governor’s power | Woman charged for fabricating anti-Muslim subway incident | Copper mine in Ecuador attacked | Death row inmates in Delaware given life sentences instead | Full small-town Indiana police force resigns | NYC airport workers win higher wages | 59-car pileup in Pennsylvania | DOJ looks at Philando Castile killing | FCC chairman heading out | Fox buys Sky | Fox News the most-watched cable network this year | Patriots pounce on Michael Floyd | Virginia Tech joins ‘WakeyLeaks’ confessions | Record-setting blowout in women’s basketball | Minnesota football boycotting over teammates’ suspensions | Thief still at it at 86 | Julia Roberts will star in her first TV series

Thursday, December 15: Ringling Bros. picks first female ringmaster

First female ringmaster | Short-lived peace in Aleppo | Putin believed to have had active role in election hacks | Duterte admits to having killed people | Syrian president likes Trump’s terrorism talk | At long last, interest rates get a bump | More than a billion accounts affected in Yahoo hack | Tech giants meet with Trump | Twitter excluded over #CrookedHillary emoji squabble | Elon Musk among executives in Trump’s advisory group | Trump team offered ambassador jobs to try to lure performers for inauguration | Teen singer will perform inauguration anthem | Priebus indicates changes to White House press corps | Flynn shared confidential information with foreign officials in Afghanistan | Low Trump transition approval ratings | Obama prevents states from bypassing Planned Parenthood funding | Labor secretary wants to be next DNC chair | Italy gets a new prime minister | Tallest wave ever measured | Asparagus/urine smell investigation | Baby born after frozen ovary returned to woman | Story of boy dying in Santa’s arms possibly false | New Exxon Mobil CEO | Ashley Madison only able to pay a fraction of penalty | Peter Pan payout | SAG nominations | First Amazon drone delivery | Live video integrated into Twitter app | Facebook making original video content? | Self-driving Uber fleet in San Francisco | One of them runs a red light | California DMV halts Uber’s plans | YouTube removes North Korea channel | Cardinals receiver cut | Paris police having no luck finding Kim’s robbers | Lochte’s fiancé is with child | Steve Harvey back for ‘Miss Universe’ redemption | Former SNLer will be in ‘Hamilton’

Wednesday, December 14: Snapchat adds group chat

Group chat and Shazam on Snapchat | Civilians executed by victorious Syrian forces | Ceasefire in Aleppo | ISIS responsible for Egypt attack | Kasich vetoes ‘heartbeat’ abortion bill, approves 20-week law | Oklahoma Supreme Court rules against abortion restrictions | Trump announces Rex Tillerson pick | Montana congressman Zinke for interior secretary | Energy secretary pick Rick Perry wanted to scrap the department | Trump meets with Kanye | Kanye debriefs on Twitter | Biden out in front in (very) early 2020 polling | Man who tried to grab police gun at Trump rally sentenced | Following backlash, Wonder Woman no longer UN ambassador | America suspends supply of weapons to Saudis | Brazilian president implicated in scandal that toppled his predecessor | Brazilian senate votes for austerity | Opposition leader will try to take on Putin | Attorneys squabble in Cosby case | Another sexual harassment accusation against Roger Ailes | Bomb threat causes emergency landing | Alan Thicke dead at 69 | CorePower Yoga founder found dead | Cuisianart food processor recalled over metal chunks | High school principal arrested for child porn | Tinder on Apple TV | Oculus CEO resigns | Minnesota football players suspended over sexual assault | Wake Forest announcer fed opposing teams info | Harbaugh blames Rams rumors on ‘enemies’ | New Star Wars out this week | SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi, sans orcas | Legal weed in Canada?

Tuesday, December 13: Squid and chips the new reality in Britain

Squid replacing cod | McConnell supports investigation into Russian hacking | Tillerson is the pick for secretary of state | Rick Perry for energy secretary | Trump tweets out plans for his business | Electors want intelligence briefings about Russia | Hillary campaign supports that | Recount efforts fizzle out | Former congressman gets 10 years for corruption | Fiorina for director of national intelligence? | Obama picks new office location | Lockheed Martin stock tumbles after Trump’s critical tweet | Romney never had a chance at secretary of state? | Syrian army nears victory in eastern Aleppo | Turkey arrests 118 suspected of working with Kurdish militants | Guterres sworn in as new UN secretary general | Dylann Roof had a list of churches | Group of billionaires investing in sustainable energy | No longer two CEOs at Chipotle | Golden Globes nominations | Live video on Instagram | 360-degree live video on Facebook | Skype’s real-time translation will work on any sort of call | ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ at the top of the Billboard 200 | ‘Moana’ wins the box office for third straight weekend | Jeff Fisher fired in fifth season | John Fassel the interim coach | MLB prohibits cross-dressing hazing | Dodgers keep Kenley Jansen | Sprain, not a tear for Tannehill | DUI for Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd | Lane Kiffin will coach Florida Atlantic | Kim Kardashian comes out of hiding with video